1. Something About You Long Time 3:13
  2. Stone In Love Long Time 4:27
  3. Smokin' Long Time 4:16
  4. Rock n' Roll Band Long Time 3:06
  5. Peace Of Mind Long Time 5:07
  6. More Than A Feeling Long Time 4:42
  7. Hitch A Ride Long Time 4:20
  8. Foreplay/Long Time Long Time 8:34
  9. Don't Look Back Long Time 5:52
  10. Amanda Long Time 4:13
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Public I

Roll-In and Rock Out with Long Time on Friday, September 4th for Labor Day Weekend at Bradley Ranch Winery overlooking the beautiful Vineyards of Elk Grove!

  • 4 Food Vendors Nightly
  • Wines by Bradley Ranch Winery (including Wine Slushees)
  • Beers by Local Craft Brewer

A portion of the proceeds will benefit Autism Speaks.