1. Something About You Long Time 3:13
  2. Stone In Love Long Time 4:27
  3. Smokin' Long Time 4:16
  4. Rock n' Roll Band Long Time 3:06
  5. Peace Of Mind Long Time 5:07
  6. More Than A Feeling Long Time 4:42
  7. Hitch A Ride Long Time 4:20
  8. Foreplay/Long Time Long Time 8:34
  9. Don't Look Back Long Time 5:52
  10. Amanda Long Time 4:13
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Jordan Costa

On Sunday October 21, 2018, Long Time celebrated the wedding of bassist Jordan Costa and Malina Korcz. It was a beautiful sunny day at Oak Grove Regional Park in Stockton, CA. After the ceremony, the all star band directed by Jordan’s brother and former Long Time guitarist Jesse Costa, entertained family and friends for a few sets featuring rock, blues and indie music. Recording artist Darian Fields kicked things off with his eclectic brand of indie rock, blues, hip hop and pop songs. Rick Duncan, bassist with the Stockton Symphony and James Garner’s tribute to Johnny Cash, helped provide the groove that kept the dancers moving throughout the afternoon. The rest of the Long Time members Tim Boore, Rich Fields, Mike Trucco, David Ianni and John Poletti rocked the crowd with a variety of their classic rock favorites. A good time was had by all and everlasting memories were created!