1. Something About You Long Time 3:13
  2. Stone In Love Long Time 4:27
  3. Smokin' Long Time 4:16
  4. Rock n' Roll Band Long Time 3:06
  5. Peace Of Mind Long Time 5:07
  6. More Than A Feeling Long Time 4:42
  7. Hitch A Ride Long Time 4:20
  8. Foreplay/Long Time Long Time 8:34
  9. Don't Look Back Long Time 5:52
  10. Amanda Long Time 4:13
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Newman CA

A memorable show with popular California BOSTON tribute band
Former BOSTON Bassist Kimberley Dahme Performs with Long Time

In early 2018, a mutual friend introduced Long Time guitarists Tim Boore and John Poletti to Kimberly Dahme, the touring bass player for the band BOSTON from 2002–2014. Tim and John joined Kimberley on stage for one of her Northern California shows in May of 2018. Current Long Time bassist Jordan Costa married in October 2018 and was going to be on his honeymoon during the band’s scheduled West Side Theatre show in Newman, CA. Kimberley agreed to sit in for Jordan and a buzz was created around this historic occasion. Kimberley opened the show with a set of her critically acclaimed original material as the crowd waited in anticipation for her revisit to the BOSTON songs she had rocked all over the world with Tom Scholz and his band for over a decade. Long Time delivered a blistering 90 minute set of BOSTON hits that had the crowd begging for more. Members of Long Time have agreed to be the backing band when Kimberley performs this spring in Northern California.